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Solution Selling Is Dead

The Solution Selling has been around since the mid 1970’s and has evolved into a generic term for today’s typical sales process. This process hasn’t changed much in 40 years! The Harvard Business Review recently completed a study of over 1400 businesses and concluded...

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Generating Leads with LinkedIn

Tweeting on Twitter, getting “Likes” on Facebook and building your followers on Google+ may all be marketing tactics used on the various social media platforms available today, but are any of these really creating leads to fill your sales pipeline?  My guess is NO. If...

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Dealing With The “Send Me Some Information” Objection

 A common brush off sales people get is “email me some information…” There are many reasons you may hear this: poor pre-call research, weak opening, bad timing, not focusing on the prospects needs, the wrong strategy, the list goes on (I’ll address some of these in...

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3 Strategies For Marketing Your Business On A Budget

If you want to compete in today’s business environment, you need one thing: traffic. Your customers have to know you exist, believe that you have the right product or service for them, and take the initiative to visit your website or store and make the sale. But if...

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Why are you networking anyway?

Why are you networking anyway? There are many reasons to network, the big 3 are; you are looking for sales leads (prospects), you want to meet referral sources (those individuals who can refer you to clients) or you are looking for a job. Regardless of your reasons...

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Successful Selling Isn’t Telling… It’s Asking

The importance of asking questions It doesn’t matter what you think your prospect needs, or what approach you think will work for them, ask questions! Don’t assume the prospect is ready to jump right in. Start with some probing questions early in the meeting and...

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