The importance of asking questions

It doesn’t matter what you think your prospect needs, or what approach you think will work for them, ask questions! Don’t assume the prospect is ready to jump right in. Start with some probing questions early in the meeting and adjust your presentation accordingly. Even if you are referred in and the prospect has a level of comfort with you take your time and get to know them before you start to sell to hard.

Go beyond the general needs and budget questions. Clearly understand the purchasing process and decision making criteria, it’s not all about the money.

There are typically 3 types of people involved in a purchase of any significants:

  1. The Information Gatherer – the person out looking for products or services that seem like a good fit for the need.
  2. Influencer – this person will often take the information gathered, evaluate it and make recommendations to the Decision Maker.
  3. The Decision Maker does exactly that.

Know who you are working with, the more you have direct contact with each, the better your chances of success.