Sales & Marketing Strategy that Drives Business Growth 

Achieving predictable, profitable revenue is the key to unlocking healthy, sustainable business growth. We align actionable marketing and sales strategies with your business objectives to deliver meaningful results.

Unleash the full potential of your business by gaining a new perspective on business growth.


Why choose Vantage Group?

We help our clients create
predictable, profitable revenue
that fuels sustainable
business growth.
Our expertise is helping clients build and implement high impact sales and marketing strategies,
and have a little fun along the way!


What We Do

We help our clients get clear on who their ideal customer is, and how they should market and sell to get optimal results. We start by developing the ideal customer’s Buyers Journey. We then leverage this knowledge to build high impact sales and marketing strategies and processes.  


Knowledge & Experience

Our Team has decades of experience working with high growth organizations across the U.S. We are sales and marketing experts, as well as seasoned business leaders, with a track record of helping clients produce sustainable results.

What our clients are saying about us!

“We started working with Dean at Vantage Group 6 months ago and the impact he has had on our firm is invaluable. He has the ability to make an efficient sales system understandable, hold everyone on the team accountable and is results driven, all while making it look and feel effortless. Our sales have grown over 50% since working with him!

Maria, Partner
Accounting and
Tax Firm

If you want to grow/scale your business and are reading this, HIRE DEAN NOW. He is the best at this, by using solid strategy and success-tested tactics. He simplifies complex processes, bringing to the surface clear, easy-to-use tools, data, scripts and models. I have worked with Dean on several occasions and he always delivers more value than I ask for. He’s also a great guy and fun to work with-even a smart British accent to boot.”

Karen, Founder
Leadership Coaching & Consulting

“I’ve known Dean for a number of years and always appreciated his easy-going, open style. I joined Dean’s Growth Collaborative to hone my approach to reach CEOs and business owners in my niche market. Dean’s strategic guidance and sound methods have elevated my business development skills resulting in expanded work with ideal clients. Hiring Dean as my coach and soundboard has been one of the best, most rewarding investments I’ve made in my development. If you want to grow your business to work with your ideal clients, hire Dean!”

Kate, Owner
Management Consulting & Coaching

“Dean has a gift. He has such a natural ability to guide a business owner through sales and marketing strategies for consistent growth. After 29 years in business, I made the decision to enlist in one of his Growth Collaborative groups to specifically increase sales revenue. Not only has it helped my business, sales have multiplied 3-fold. He makes working on my business a fun experience even when I have to face daunting issues. Dean really knows his stuff.”

Nancy, President
Marketing & Advertising Agency

If you are ready to grow your business, reach out!