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Dean Isaacs – Founder/CEO

When Dean launched Vantage Group in a new city, where he had no contacts or network, and went from zero sales to 6 figures in under 14 months, people started asking how he did it.

He recognized that most businesses try and fail at getting consistent results from their disjointed sales and marketing efforts and never consider the journey their prospects go through when making a buying decision. So, Dean developed a different approach to solving the marketing and sales dilemma B2B businesses face.

His revenue growth framework merges marketing and sales into a simple, cohesive approach that attracts your IDEAL CLIENTS: Those who buy faster, spend more and stay with you longer!

Dean is a serial entrepreneur with over two decades of B2B consulting experience, and he has served in many fractional CRO, CMO, and Sales Leader roles over the past 12 years. He and his team work with B2B companies helping them achieve their growth goals by developing and implementing high impact sales and marketing strategies.

Prior to founding Vantage Group, Dean was a Partner in a management consulting firm, he has also served as Vice President of Sales for a Software Company in the Healthcare industry, Director of Sales and Marketing for a Commercial Construction Company, Director of Business Development for a Regional Accounting Firm and National Sales Manager for a Computer Hardware Manufacturer.

Dean’s first experience in starting and running a business began many years ago before he left his home in London, England, where he founded a successful landscape construction company at the age of 18.

Dean Isaacs
“We started working with Dean at Vantage Group 6 months ago and the impact he has had on our firm is invaluable. He has the ability to make an efficient sales system understandable, hold everyone on the team accountable and is results driven, all while making it look and feel effortless. Our sales have grown over 50% since working with him! Not only is he excellent at his job, he has become a mentor and friend and will continue to be a part of our growing firm for many years to come. 

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Our Team

Vantage Group’s Team is comprised of sales, marketing and business growth experts, each with unique skill sets and experience. The diversity of our team allows us the opportunity to provide world class expertise for each client’s individual needs.

Growth Expertise

  • Fractional Chief Revenue Officer, Chief Marketing Officer & Chief Sales Officer
  • Growth Strategy
  • Growth Readiness Evaluation
  • Key Employee Recruiting
  • Vision & Values Development

Marketing Expertise

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Virtual Marketing Department
  • Lead Generation
  • Market Research/Competitive Analysis
  • Branding, Design & Content
  • Digital Marketing Strategy

Sales Expertise

  • Sales Strategy
  • Sales Process & Sales Playbook
  • CRM Implementation
  • Sales Training & Social Selling
  • Fractional CRO/VP of Sales Services
  • Recruiting & Compensation Planning