A sample list of companies our Team has worked with:

Professional Services

Velocity Leadership Consulting

O2 Group

Barlow Advertising & Design

Mission Critical Teams

Pro Athlete Advantage


Partners PEO

Sidekick Web Studio

RTL Networks

Walke Communications


Technology & SaaS

Akamai Systems Consulting




Chronos Interactive


Fetch Package



Soaring Technologies

Manufacturing & Distribution

SnowPure Water Technologies

Chata Biosystems

Kloppenberg & Co

Utility Control & Equipment Corporation


CPI  – Automation and Control Solutions

Palmer DCS

Peak Manufacturing & Fulfillment

Legal & Accounting

Singular CPA Services

Gomerdinger & Associates

Vocational Diagnostics


R.C. Thornton Financial Group

Financial Services

Colorado East Bank & Trust

Maestro Associates

Torrey Pines Bank

Mathis Financial

Lane Financial


Trinity Commercial Roofing 

Kortman Inc

Premier Underground

Swinteron Builders

Builders’ Glass

Axis Solutions

What our clients are saying about us!

“Dean is a stellar advisor and dynamic strategist. Whenever he was given a situation where careful strategizing was needed to achieve our goals as a company we could always rely on a carefully well thought out plan, solution or line of questioning to help us overcome a specific hurdle.”

President & CEO,
Seed Global Alliance

“I have worked with Dean and his company, he has proven to be invaluable to our company in the areas of strategic planning, training and marketing. Dean is an expert in the field and the results have helped our company grow. I highly recommend Dean and consider him and his company a valuable business partner.”

Kortman Inc

“These days it’s imperative that you have a partner to help navigate and guide you through these times of evolving and ever-changing business waters. Vantage Group is that company. If you are serious about business growth and creating a strategy for thriving then please contact them right away!”

Rim Rock Valuation

“I worked with Dean while he supported CarePilot USA, where he guided the company’s efforts to develop a go to market strategy. He brought an open and flexible approach and did a great job building the sales team and market approach.”

Chief Financial Officer,
Helix Semiconductors

“Dean is such a pleasure to work with. I appreciate his professionalism, creativity, and expertise.

Marketing Director,
Colorado East Bank & Trust

“Dean’s a terrific advisor – knowledgable and savvy. You’ll enjoy working with him.”

Co-Founder & Principal
i3 Ignite

“Dean’s services allowed us to formalize systems in our company. By helping define roles and procedures, Dean facilitated our move into arenas that we would not have ventured into without his help.”

Rowan Electric

“I highly recommend Dean and the services he and his firm provides. They were able to provide some great insight and marketing tools for me to further develop marketing skills. They were amazing to work with and I would highly recommend them!

Digital Marketer,
Marketing Agency